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Collegebol Counselor/ Mentor program is designed to transform and empower the lives of millions of youth. Let the students explore their career journey by your side.

Whether you are a student of a college, or an alumni or a working professional or a Golden-ager, you can share your real time experiences and tailored solutions for their career after an extensive training from Collegebol. Just Click on Enrol as a Counselor, put in your application by answering the questions, work the hours you want while inspiring the students and earn with each counseling session.

Counselor Genres

Why become a counselor with Collegebol
  • Peer
    A peer is someone at your own level. He/she is someone who can understand you and relate to you. They can guide you for test prep Guidance, strategy, queries related to admissions in college or top universities etc.
  • Counselor
    A Counselor is someone who can counsel you for general inquiries in terms of your career path, college selection, Strategy and overall development.
  • Mentor (12 or 24 sessions)
    A Mentor is someone who has already done ample sessions with Collegebol. They pass on their valuable learning and help you step out of your comfort zone after knowing your problem areas.
  • Pro Peer
    A Pro Peer is a professional who is already working in that particular sector and can give you guidelines in more professional terms. Career roadmap development, queries related to jobs, higher studies and study abroad options are their focus areas.
  • Expert
    An expert is an experienced person who is proficient and skilled in terms of guiding you about scholarships, job and career roadmap development and higher studies.

Why become a counselor with Collegebol

Why become a counselor with Collegebol
  • Offer clarity & shape their lives
    Know their state of mind and queries and offer them an overview of various careers and entry routes
  • Help Resolve conflicts
    Share your journey or some live case studies or talk to their parents if needed to resolve their doubts and conflicts
  • Help them build self-esteem & confidence
    sprReduce their anxiety and build confidence into them to take up the career they wish without any further doubts
  • Ease their academic stress & adjustment issues
    Engage them in individual therapy or group discussions
  • Evolving yourself personally & professionally
    Earn more with each counseling sessions & utilize your counselling skills in inspiring them
  • Recognition, Perks and Certificate of Appreciation
    After guiding the Professionals and Graduates, accept the token of appreciation

Why Us

You give the guidance, we handle the network, discoverability, payment, tooling and knowledge transfers. Help young professionals around the world with reaching their goals.
The Peer to Peer Counseling program of Collegebol aims to bridge the gap between generations and empower students to reach their through personal and academic progress.
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Your experience definitely counts! There is no space for elitism or judgement at collegebol. So be a part of the Counseling community, empower each other and grow immensely.