Educator Partnership Program

"The Knowledge Collaboration"
Let’s Partner to Strengthen the Education Ecosystem

Join the Community of Education Partners

Join the Community of Education Partners

The Educator Partnership Program is to partner with educational institutions to build up a strong, creative and a fruitful education ecosystem.

The aim is to make the students Future-ready for their career by providing Peer counselling programs, access to the mentor network, courses and various other learning programs. Partner with Collegebol to help your students find the best fit career and find a competitive edge in the market.

Proposed Benefits to Colleges / Institutions

We are partnering with Educational Institutes and organisations to Individual teachers, to connect and collaborate to create a win-win for the entire education ecosystem.
Our Platform has included contribution and value for the entire education ecosystem.
Proposed Benefits to Colleges / Institutions
  • Positive Profiling of your Institution
    We work with you to integrate the new process of making the students future ready. With the help of varied activities and events, let maximum students make informed career decisions from your institution.
  • Exponential Leads
    We aim to generate student leads by creating a community of Counselors / Mentors. With the help of trainings, classroom sessions, one-on-one interactions etc, the community of Counselors/ Mentors create greater engagement and enhancement of career decision of students.
  • Customised Online / Offline Events with a pool of Industry Experts
    With our partnership we aim to do maximum events with the best of the industry experts from pan India. They guide them with the best possible methods to make them more employable.

Why Partner with Us

Our Educator Partnership Program initiative is to help students discover themselves based on their unique strengths and capabilities. We wish to throw a spotlight on career exploration and experiential learning for students in all stages. Get special access to:
>Why Partner with Us
  • Special access
    Get special login access to the collegebol page to edit and upload your information.
  • Special access to Mentor Network
    The students can get special access to the Mentor network to enhance their early education.
  • Webinars
    Series of general career webinars and stream wise webinars would be conducted for the students.
  • Panel discussions & Expert Sessions
    Panel discussions on trending topics and Expert sessions would be held covering the best industry experts from India.
  • Campus Ambassador Program
    Campus Youth are tomorrow’s shining leaders. We bring out Campus Ambassadors who form the community and bring out the best campus news.
  • Videos & Ebooks
    Get the latest videos and ebooks to gain deeper understanding of the future path.
  • College Review & Ratings
    Gain more reviews and ratings through Collegebol for your institution.
  • Access to diverse models
    With plethora of events happening with varied ideas and precise execution, diverse models of engagement can be explored.

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Let’s Talk

Let’s catch up for a meeting, discuss on the Educator Partnership program and collaborate on our chores to build the future of students.