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How do students select a College today? They ask around! For opinions, experiences and guidance. They ask their parents, their siblings, their friends, their teachers. College selection is an extremely social, interpersonal process. However, often the information students get is biased and inaccurate, which leads them to be even more confused and unhappy!

A good education has the power to enable a great future for a student. Information on Colleges needs to be trustworthy and detailed!

No one can give as accurate an opinion on a College as students of that College themselves. Plus, most students love helping other students make better decisions. Thus College Reviews!

All Streams & all states in India and eventually other countries as well - Our aim is to get every single College relevant to an Indian student on CollegeBol

You can search for Colleges here, view useful information on each College, for example this, read and write comprehensive reviews and ratings by students for Colleges from all Streams across India. Psst.…You will be able to do a lot more in the times to come ;-)

We take extreme care to ensure that the reviews on CollegeBol are as accurate as they can be. We have various mechanisms in place to increase the probability of accuracy for every single review we get. Moreover, accuracy will always be higher when a student writes a review for his own college v/s your family and friends opining about a College they have only heard about.

Simple! Click on the yellow ‘Write a Review’ button on the navigation bar above. Or if you’re too lazy like us, just Click here

As a Campus Intern for CollegeBol, first and foremost, you get a platform where you can represent your College and help aspirants choose the right Colleges. Additionally, you get a chance to work with one of India’s most exciting EdTech Startups and be a part of an exclusive community comprising of representatives from top Colleges across the country!

Click here to apply now!

Just scroll further and fill the form at the bottom of this page or Click here

No Startup loves anything more than users participating actively in giving feedback and requesting new features. If you’re reading this answer, we love you already.

Click here and we promise we’ll take your feature requests very seriously!

CollegeBol is what it is because of the people who run it! It is that irrational passion and perseverance to make students happy and build the best College selection platform the World has ever seen, that makes CollegeBol the place to be!

If you think this excites you, get in touch with us here

Lots and we mean lots of things! CollegeBol is For Students, By Students. We thrive on Social College selection. If you’re smart enough, we’re sure you can guess some of it ;-). Sign up to remain posted about whatever’s new.


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We are a bunch of crazy, passionate (and mad) creatures obsessed with helping students by building the best Social College selection platform there ever has been!

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